Samstag, 21. Januar 2012



Jazzo - Nebulae neve sol (CD-R)
Marc Mac - The right Message (Omniverse Rec.)
Mecca:83 - Golden (CD-R)
Diggs Duke - Something in my Soul (CD-R)
Somepling - 30 Dreams a Day (CD-R)
Flatpocket - Paperwork (CD-R)
Michael Kiwanuka - Any Day will do fine (Polydor Ltd.)
Birdy Earns - Dialogues (CD-R)
The Clonious feat. Paul Randolph - Truth(KRTS Remix) (Affine records)
Ernest Gonzales - the Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops (Friends of Friends)
Jesse Boykins III(prod. by Gold Panda) - i can´t stay (CD-R)
Phidias - Latina (Fauxpas Music)
MachineDrum - SXLDN (Lucky Me)
Renaissance Man - What do you do when you do what you do(Sei A Remix) (CD-R)
Valeria Croft - Hippy (Banshee Worx BVBA)

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

We are very happy to present you this new Guestmix by MELODIESINFONIE. He is part of the Production Duo Jazzo&Melodiesinfonie from Zürich, Switzerland. They released their Debutalbum "Treelogy" and a couple weeks ago the follower "Astro Funk & Weltfrieden" on Feelin`Music.
Melodiesinfonie started making Beats 2010 and he doing also some Beats under his own Name (You can check them on Soundcloud), as well as Jazzo.

If you ae near Berlin on the 17.02.2012 they are playing live at the "Hit ya with that Berlin" Party together with Feelin`Music Labelchef CHief. the Beatmaker

More stuff about Melodiesinfonie:

Soia - Obtaining (prod by MEZ)
Erykah Badu - On and On (BoomBaptist Remix)
Steve Spacek - Hidden Track
Mara Hruby - The Panties
Quadron - Day
Suff Daddy - Deep Shit Feat. Mar
Blu & Exile - Mask your Soul
Chief - Drone Beat
Inisghtful - Beta Male Bash
Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Chief & Moka Only ( Rimigs )
Long Arm - Perfect Morning
Taylor McFerrin - Awake to You
Teebs - While You Dooooo (Extended)
Thundercat - For Love I Come
Robert Glasper - Rise and Shine
Dave Grusin - The Colorado Trail