Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

Souldiction 74

Moka Only - The Money and the Hammer (Feelin`Music)
Jean Wells - I feel good (BBE)
Electric Band Marzipan - Morte la Rapide (CD-R)
Nils Frahm - Titel 05 (A number of Tracks for the Winter Free DL)
Poetree - LAte Night Blues (CD-R)
Full Crate feat. David Simmons - Without my heart (CD-R)
??? - Marbles (???)
Onra - keep on loving me (Limited Japan Tour Edition)
Mike Gao - ineffable (CD-R)
Kwala - November Loop (CD-R)
T.R.A.C. - Some for ya Ears(Tweve Beats Remix)(Omniverse Records)
Casandra Steen - Tanz (Joash Remix) (CD-R)
U-Tern&AJK - Side Ways (CD-R)
Scuba - Never (Close Remix) (CD-R)
Beastie Respond - Startle (CD-R)

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Souldiction 73

J Biscuits - Interstellar (CD-R)
Roots Manuva - Here we go again(Falty DL Remix) (CD-R)
Junior Boys - You´ll improve me (Dem2 Remix) (Domino Recording)
Adlib feat. Black Spade& the Primeridian - Wine (Melting Pot Music "Hi-Hat Club6")
Camel Crock - 7 say´s (CD-R)
Cuthead - Seram Lembah (Uncanney Valley)
Gang Colours - On Compton Bay (CD-R)
Willie Hutch - Easy does it (Soul GLO RE-Edit) (Exclusive sent to us)
LTJ Xperience - Hands Hot (CD-R)
Julio Bashmore - Ensnare (Futureboogie Records)
Garry Read - All by Myself (Fourth Wave)
Soosh - Take my Hand (CD-R)

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Thorsten W. first started playing in clubs in 1996. In the beginning it was mainly ambient and TripHop, then later he moved on to playing House and Techno. At some point he developed a love for Disco and Soul. For five years he shared this love through his famous Soul Glow parties in Stuttgart which he ran with Tom Baeuerle. The two have played many festivals, have shared Turntables with Eddie Piller, Malente, Florian Keller and Frank Popp and they also supported DJ Friction on Tour and they’ve released 6 Soul-Mixtapes.
Nowadays Thorsten is going Solo again and he’s played his mix of Soul, Disco, HipHop, MashUps and Nu-Funk in many Stuttgart establishments such as Suite 212, Wurst & Fleisch, Corso Bar and Transit. For more than three years he has run the Stuttgart blog Kessel TV with Martin Elbert (alias RAM) and has also dedicated his monthly column „The Soul of KTV to his musical passion.
If you are in Stuttgart or near, here are his dates:
Fr 16.12. Suite 212
Sa 17.12. Kessel Twins X-Mas @ Corso
Do 22.12. Kessel Twins X-Mas @ Suite 212 Lounge
Fr 30.12. Wurst & Fleisch
Silvester Stereo m. Soul Brother

More Infos&Music:

Thank you Thorsten!!

Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Morgan Geist's Port Authority Mix)
Omar - Kiss It Right
Erykah Badu - Honey (Grant Phabao Remix)
SuperHeavy - Miracle Worker
Nneka - Sleep (ft. Ms. Dynamite)
Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares?
Leela James - Long Time Coming
The Heavy - Coleen
Handbook - Believe
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Pariah - Detroit Falls
Childish Gambino vs. Zeds Dead - Fuck It All (Chrome Coffee Break Mashup Remix)
Jack Splash feat. Cee Lo Green - 38 Special
Unklejam - Love Ya
Prince - Black Sweat
Breakastra - Family Rap

Dienstag, 29. November 2011


Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue (Eglo)
Alex Agore - Move (Original) (Quintessentials)
Roman Rauch - Bob´s Revenge (CD-R)
Roots Manuva - Get the Get (Mia Dora Remix) (CD-R)
Background Sound - Tude (CD-R)
Eliphino - Devote (somethinksounds)
Dj Krush - Far Away (Es.U.Es Corporation)
Dexter - Hammuroes (Forthcoming Melting Pot Music "Beat Fight"Compilation)
Chief& Moka Only - Mess Around (Duktus Remix) (CD-R)
Gonjasufi - Nikles and Dimes (Warp Records January 2012)
1000Names - Pi Day (Project Mooncircle Release 09.12.2011)
El Kid - Hypnosis (Terekke&Steve Summers Live Edit)(CD-R)

Samstag, 19. November 2011

Tracklist Souldiction70

Lisa P. - M.U.S.I.C. (Opolopo remix)(Tokyo Dawn Records)
East Liberty Quratett - Lucky Charm (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Gregory Porter - 1960What (Opolopo Kick&Bass Rerub)(Tokyo Dawn Records)

The Francis Inferno Orchestra - I need it (Nicholas Basement Remix)(Join the Dots)
Falty DL - Atlantis (Ninja Tune)
Teebs - Cook,clean, Pay the Rent (Brainfeeder)
Monkey Robot - Everything is cool (CD-R)
Miles Bonny - Jesus children of America (CD-R)
Rogiérs - Home (Opolopo Remix) (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Looped Exodus - Andrzej (CD-R)
Sepalcure - See me,Feel me (Hotflush Records)
Joker - Lost(Instrumental)

Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

If u listened to our first „Dunkel talks to“ presented by Souldiction with Falty DL as guest you will know the voice of our next guest. She is hosting this new interview series in collaboration with us; Najaaraq.
Najaaraq is a busy girl in Copenhagen, she works for Dunkel Bar (Booker, PR), she produces Dunkel Radio, Djane and a former part of the DJ Duo „Ung Flugt“, AND on top of that she released a track under the pseudonym „Body and Soul“ .
Now she took the time to join us with this lovely Guestmix, that is representing the core of Souldiction, it´s very eclectic and features Tracks from various genres (If you can talk about genres today)..
We are happy to welcome her and we are really looking forward for more „Dunkel talks to“ presented by Souldiction shows.

More Infos:

Thanks to Najaaraq

Najaaraq Guestmix for Souldiction69 by souldiction


Najaaraq Guestmix for Slouldiction69

Najaaraq & Lawaetz - Unreleased
Aquarius Heaven - Interview (Original Mix)
Cooly G - Love Dub
Sello - Industrial Soul - Original Mix
Mark E - slow Happenin - Original Mix
Duffstep - Your Touch - The Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix
Midland - Through Motion - Tevo Howard Remix
Reggie Dokes - Dream Catcher (FCL Edit)
Falty DL - Play With My Heart - Original Mix
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow - Original Mix
Jun Miyake - Lillies of the Valley
Recloose - Electric Sunshine - Original Mix
Beastie Respond - Syncopy - Original Mix
Sly Nein – Desperate
Jazzanova - Little Bird

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

We are very happy to present you our first collaboration with our friends from Copenhagen´s finest "Dunkel ". "Dunkel" is a small club, but every weekend the big names of modern Dance/Electronic music are playing there. We already had the pleasure visiting the Copenhagen and enjoying the crowd and venue.
So, our friend Najaaraq (Dunkel) met FaltyDL and talked with him about his music and his life in New York.
Enjoy this premiere for Souldiction.
In the future there will be more Interviews from "Dunkel Radio" presented by Souldiction..
We are really looking forward to work together with Dunkel Radio..
and THANK YOU Najaaraq for sharing your work with us.

For more Infos and Programm from DUNKEL go here

Links for Falty DL

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011


Full Crate - Joy (Wonderful Ear Rec.)
Abjo - Praise the most fly (CD-R)
Cleast Intwood - Off Definitions (CD-R)
Sepalcure - I´m alright (CD-R)
Onra - A new Dynastie (CD-R)
M-54 Beats - I´m with u (CD-R)
HulkHodn - UeberEgo (Entbs)
Häzel - The V2 Track (CD-R)
ImaniRan - Deerooz (CD-R)
Hubert Daviz - Scuse Me (Entbs)
Jazzo&Melodiesinfonie - Coffee&Love (18.11. on Feelin´Music)
Slugabed - Depth Perception (forthcoming Ninja Tune)
Matthias Reiling - Woodland (Retreat)
Dj Rubrique - Solivarou (CD-R)
Tiger&Woods - Lab File#1
Eliphino - No More (CD-R)

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Souldiction 67

Efyra - Cigarette (CD-R)
José James - Trouble (José James)
Chief & Moka Only - Crickets (Feelin´Music)
Insightful - Milk&Almonds (CD-R)
XXXY - Kerpow (CD-R)
Martyn - Distortions (Brainfeeder)
Ribn - No Place (Mild Pitch)
Ben Mono& Georg Baer - Tennis Hero Alone(Radio Edit)
Ben Westbeech - Summer´s Loss (Strictly Rhythm)
Long Arm - The Ashes (Project Mooncircle)
Melodiesinfonie - REYOU (Exclusive CD-R)
Chico Cruz - Stone (CD-R)
Jack Dixon - Coconut(Disclosure Rmx) (CD-R)
MTM - One of them Nights(Alternative Mix) (Outcross Rec.)

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011



Fatima & FunkinEven - Yellow Sound (CD-R)
Mr. Dibiase - Knocksteady (CD-R)
A Tribe called Quest - OnceAgain (LOOT Rmx) (Cd-R)
Shlohmo - Dear axe (CD-R)
Robot Koch - The other Side (Project Mooncircle Release 30.09.2011)
Cloud Boat - Lions on the Beach (R&S Records)
Exist - Lookin at Blue (R2 Records)
The Francis Inferno Orchstra - I sad yes Sir (Join the Dotes Music)
Steve Bug - Do it Right (Dessous Rec.)
Jack Dixon - Out my Window (CD-R)
Randomer&Fife - Somebody (Super)
Zara McFarlane - Mama Done (Brownswood)
Jupiter Tuning Center - Back 2 real (CD-R)

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Souldiction 64


Esbe - Change of Heart (CD-R)
Jill Scott feat. Anthony Hamilton - So In Love (Blues Babe Records)
Long Arm (Feat. Tevani) - Letters from the Space Fet (Long Arm RMX) (Project MOoncircle Release 30.09.11)
Thundercat - For Love(I Come my Friend) (Brainfeeder)
Jonti - Hornest nest (Stones Throw Records)
Pavel Dovgal - Guinea (Project Mooncircle)
Marcus Meinhardt - Chain of Memories (Voltage Musique Records)
Untold - Bones(Joe Rmx) (SSSSS Rec.)
Soulphiction - Full Swing (Philpot Records)
DJ Wild - Born to be black (Adult Only)
Braille - BreakUp (Hotflush)
Onra - Change of Heart (forthcoming All City Dublin)
Mecca:83 - Love Story (CD-R)

Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

This time we welcome the man, who was responsible for one of THE Albums of 2010 (in our Opinion) in our Souldiction Guestmix series.

This time we welcome the man responsible for (in our opinion) one "THE ALBUM´s" of 2010 to our Souldiction Guestmix series.
HUBERT DAVIZ joined us with a lovely laid back mixtape filled with pure soul. Hubert Daviz is a hiphop beatmaker/producer who lives in Cologne/Germany. His Album „Proceduri di rutina“ was released last year on our beloved „Melting Pot Music Label“ and was a 500 Vinyl limited release (so if u got yours, you can be very happy). The album is based solely on Rumanian Jazz Samples. Hubert is Rumanian and hereby showing some love to his roots with this simply amazing album. Also his beats are featured on several samplers like „Puzzles“(„Augenringe unterm Dritten Auge Rec“.; 2010) and the just couple weeks ago released „Beat Power“ compilation (this also on „Augenringe unterm Dritten Auge Rec“)..
New 2 LP "Irgendwas mit Medien" will come out on the 14.10.2011 with Hulk Hodn via "Entbs" Records..
Check his blog keinbetreff.tumblr.
and more Infos here

BIG Thank you to you Hubert Daviz!!!

mike grant presents cool peopl - sharevari
moO - spacetravelin’
vikter duplaix - make a baby
steve spacek - thursdays
dwight trible – otherworldly
lsk - hate or love
erykah badu - telephone
jneiro jarel - won’t let you go (no,no,no) feat afra behn
jamiroquai – morning glory
dj cam – he’s gone starring china
j rawls – liquid intro

souldiction 63 by Hubert Daviz

Montag, 22. August 2011

Souldiction 62


CFCF - Cometrue (UNO NYC)
M.V.I.P. - MVIP Theme(Motorcity Soul Rmx) (Stir15 Rec.)
Skanky - Ghost (CD-R)
eLan - Alligator Snaps (Monkeytown Records)
Walls - Sunporch(Holy Others Rmx) (CD-R)
Ben Westbech - Something for the Week End(Roska Rmx) (CD-R)
Tonny Lionni - We should be together (Lo:Rise)
Deniz Kurtel & Mykle Anthony - Best of (Crosstown Rebels)
Paul White - Right on (One-Handed Music)
Dj Jazzy Jeff& Ayah - Back for more (CD-R)
Eric Rico& Marc Mac - Just love (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Soosh - Farewell (CD-R)

Freitag, 12. August 2011

Souldiction 61

Project Mooncircle Beatmaker Ireland/UK Special

Kelpe - Beat Imperial (Project Mooncircle)
Sosh & Gards from KC - Feel it all now (Project Mooncircle)
Flako - Blurry Dream (Project Mooncircle)
Bobby Tank - On 2 you (Project Mooncircle)

Colonel Red - I´ll be there (Tokyo Dawn Rec.)
Lonely Band - First Crash (CD-R)
Shlohmo - It was whatever (FoF Music)
Mählib - Guten Morgen (CD-R)
Regal Safari - Only (CD-R)
Krts - Hold On (forthcoming Project Mooncircle Release 23.09.11)
POETREE - This Girl (CD-R)
Jeremiah Jae - Wake me(Day Dreamin) (Free Mixtape)
I Pol - Sunnyside Down (CD-R)
Throwing Snow & Py - Wallow (Super Rec.)
Aroop Roy - Lilly(Fujimoto Tetusru Rmeix) (Freestyle Records)
André Lodemann - Together (Freerange Records)

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Download Link:

This week we give you some of todays boogie related favorites and classic shit mixed by DJ CLAP, the Resident from the beloved DEAR Parties at the club EGO in Hamburg.

With roots in the boonies of Mecklenburg DJ Clap had plenty of time to
focus on the nitty-gritty. Women and music. While former kept him
waiting, dozens of records arrived in his hometown. By now,
his collection and some dilly skills earned him love letters as well
as a residency at Hamburg´s EGO club, where he´s putting out the vinyl for the fabulous DEAR nights. Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Larry Heard are essential influences beside his early socialization with HipHop, type oldschool. Don´t get us wrong: the man holds no history lesson. His sets are deep and dirty, though they tell a lot about
House Music. Then as now, always one clap ahead.

More Infos

Tracklist Clapdiction
(100% Vinyl)

Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Beaumont - Midnight
Space Dimension Controller - Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy
Willie Burns - You For Her
The Disco 3 - Reality
Krystal Klear - Dekryptic
Royalty - Royalty
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
Julio Bashmore - The Horn That Time Forgot
Freekwency - Double Take
East Liberty Quarters - Tron´d Out
The X-Men - Fire It Up
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop
Kraftwerk - Home Computer

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Souldiction 59

Melodiesinfonie - Liebesflunkern (CD-R)
Prof.Logik & Supfa - Pass it around (CD-R)
Eric Lau - This is for you (CD-R)
Sola Rosa - Get it together (forthcoming Melting Pot Music)
Harbour City Electric - Game Life (CD-R)
George Fitzgerald - Silhouette (Aus Music)
Bodika - 808&303 (CD-R)
Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing Game (Toky Remix) (Apparel Music Free DL)
Art Department feat. SoulClap&Osunlade - We call it Love (Crosstown Rebels)
Stimming &David August - Sexy Biest (Diyanamic)
Paul Weller - Starite(Deadboy Remix) (CD-R)
Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Peacefrog Holdings Ltd)

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Souldiction 58


Twit One - Schnittstrumental (CD-R)
Brenk - Predido (Melting Pot Music)
Teebs - Too long at the fair (CD-R)
Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) (CD-R)
Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne - All your goodies are gone (Shigeto Remix) (CD-R)
James Blake - Order (Hemlock)
Synkro - Look at yourself (Mindset Records)
Phonogenic - Bells of Nuogram (Room with a View)
Motorcity Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E. (K7 Rec.)
Deep Space Orchestra - Lo Pan (Trickski Remix) (Delusions of Grandeur)
Gavin Herlihy & Delano Smith - Krypton Factor (Delano´s Deep Space Mix) (Apparel Music)
Marco del Horno & T.Wiliams - Brown Leather Chair (CD-R)

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011


Wild & Peaceful - Kool and the Gang
Oxygene - Jean Michel Jarre
The Ankh Of Amen-Ra - Alice Coltrane
Spirit - Daru & Rena feat Tone Trezure
Riversong - Tonto's Expandable Headband
Riki - Will Bill RIcketts
Tron - Wajeed
Twilight - Maze
Bird of Beauty - Stevie Wonder
Poinciana - Ahmad Jamal
Lift Up my Mind - Dan Electro
10 West - Dam Funk
Outstanding - The Gap Band

We are very happy and proud to welcome ISAAC AESILI from New Zealand in our Guestmix series.
Isaac is a Producer, Dj and Musician; Trumpet and percussion are his main instruments.
He is one half of the fantastic Karlmarx (SD 55 track „Wakatipu“), their debut album „The KarlMarx Project“ was released on the beloved Cologne based label Melting Pot Music at the beginning of June and last week he also dropped his solo Album „Eye See“ on French label Soulab (we played the Track „I´m all in“ in our last Show). Eye See takes you on a musical journey with HipHop, Reggae, Jazz and even House.
In this Mix he shows us his roots with lovely laid back Jazz, Electronic, HipHop, Soul and Funk tunes.
We really appreciate that he took the time to join us. BIG Shout out to you Isaac!!

More about him and his Music here

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011



Miles Bonny - J. Birly (Melting Pot Music)
Isaac Aesili(feat. Rachel Fraser) - I´m all in (Soulab)
Disclosure - i love that u know(Colo Rmx) (Cd-R)
Samiyam - Understanding (Brainfeeder)
Soosh - Rainbow Hiccups(Lapalux Rmx) (Cd-R)
Kate Simko - Mind on you (Cd-R)
Sargeant& Malone - Love Message (The Revenge Edit)(Z Records Ltd)
Sebo K - Mr.Duke (Original) (Mobilee Rec.)
T.F.E - Daykeeper (K2 Redit) (Cd-R)
Shampoo Voyagers - On the Street (Cd-R)
DZA - I´ll never Shirk School (Project Mooncircle)
John Tejada - Father & Fainter (Kompakt)
Zomby - A devil lay here (4AD Ltd.)
Nillo Gray - Water in the Moon(Sapce Kid rmx) (Soulection Compilation)

Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Souldiction 55


Bop - Intercontinental Meltdown (Hospital Rec.)
KarlMarx - Wakatipu (Melting Pot Music)
Tokimonsta - Darkest (DIM) (Brainfeeder)
Amp Life & the Jazz Mafia - Tyler the Creator´s Radicalz(NewFuture Rmx) (CD-R)
Dexter- Gimme no More (forthcoming Melting Pot Music)
Floating Points - Sais(Dub) (Eglo)
Kidnap Kid - If(Jamie Grind Rmx) (CD-R)
GummiHZ - Head Rush (Claap)
Marcus Worgull - Long Way (Innervisions)
Jame Blake - Lindisfarne (Atlas)
Ghosting Season - Excercise us (CD-R)

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

It can´t get more exclusive..
The Souldiction54 Guestmix and all Beats in it were exclusive made for this Mix.
We are happy to welcome some Guests from Belgium, TAILOR MADE..

Tailor Made is a collective of 3 Producers (Los Chavicheckers, Gilles Labarbe & Zedika,the Beatmaker) who are in Love with HipHop and made this Beattape exclusive for us. To make it easier for us each one send us a quick Introduction text...
Los Chavicheckers:
Los Chavicheckers is a virtual crew created by Jones in order to make music using different Pseudonyms. Each different name for a different style. Jones started making music with his computer in 2001 when he teamed up with Sched and Chopper from the band RionsnoiR. From then until 2008 when the band disbanded he played and produced some tracks with the band. It was during that time that he met fellow crew member Gilles. He participated in various compilations such as Loop addicts, Sour soul, ... After buying some new gear in 2010, he started making beats again.

Gilles Labarbe:
Gilles, camera operator, kid of the 80's, born in madagascar, grown up in germany & belgium, hip hop fan since the early 90's, listening to all kind of stuff from raw hip hop to movies scores, worldwide funk, dubstep, drone, soul, experimental, psyche stuff, field recordings, whatever... making instrumental hip hop, electronic & more experimental sounds since he´s 19 years old. He started on old pentium 1, used to run the netlabel "Dust Shop Records" (downloads avaible at Free Music Archive), forthcoming projects including an EP with UK based singer Indi Kaur are planned.

Zedika,beatmaker,born in Liege, Belgium, hip hop fan since my childhood, I bought turntables in 99, influenced by wu tang, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep and others I threw myself into the beatmaking hip hop dub.
First production appeared on the compilation loop addict (dust record shop) with Gilles and josé.
I participated in several projects including DDR (détention de rimes), l'Hexaler,redouane la déglingue, Lyrikal jacking, crépuscule crew...
The collective "tailor made​​" took place in 2011 following the release of the compilation "We Is not Dead Yet"to mark the end of the label "Dust shop records".

More Infos and Contact here:

Bigh THANK you to you Boys!!

Tailor Made X Souldiction54

(Los Chavicheckers)
1) Introdukshon
2) Pizza 4 Saisons
3) La Resaca Groove
4) Wake U Up
5) Mirror Valley
6) Suzanne Vega - Tom's Dinner (Los Chavez Remix)
7) Nouvel Ordre Mondial
8) Loneliness (Waiting 4 U)
9) Fresh Handmade
10) The Way
11) Padded Room
12) Hidden Persuader
13) Untitled
14) Fecal Astro: Comicbook Confessions (prod: Gilles)
15) Tips
16) Tell Me How
17) In Your Eye
18) Blunt Effect
19) What else
20) Netbook's work
21) Tila beat
22) Pain
23) Mister biz
24) Funny Day
25) Sad Piano

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011



Nils Frahm & Anne Müller - Let my Key be C (Erased Tapes)
Fink - Perfect Darkness (Ninja Tune)
Benny Tones feat. Mara TK - On my way (Flako Remix)(CD-R)
Ta-Ku - Pagasa (CD-R)
Ghost Feet - Top Papez (Dropping Gems)
Jacob Korn - She (Uncanney Valley)
Lucky Paul - Thought we were alone (Gang Color Rmx) (CD-R)
XDB - Bakfom (Harbour City Sorrow)
Cupp Cave - Pear Pressure (CD-R)
Baaz - Sidewalk (Minuendo Recordings)
Fatima feat. Floating Points - Mind (Eglo Records)
OL - Eddie (Faces Records)

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

We are celebrating our first Birthday!!
Because of that we give you a special of Tracks from 1 years Souldiction episodes...


Souldiction 52 (part I) looking back 1 year


Gil Scott Heron - Me and the Devil (XL Recordings)
Shlohmo - Places (FoF Music)
The Karlmarx Project - Mists (Melting Pot Music)
Ghostpoet - OneTwos/Run Run Run (Brownswood rec.)
Illum Sphere- One for Dimlite (Fat City)
Mar - 1st Session (Melting Pot Music)
Full Crate - Let´s funk this Motherf_cker (Killowatt Muzik)
Cuthead - The Sinner (Uncanney Valley)
Jamie Woon - Night Air(Deadboy Rmx) (Numbers)
Motorcity Drum Ensemble - The Game (Drumpoet Community)
Martyn & Mike Slott - All Nights (All City Dublin)
James Blake - I only know (what i know now) (R&S Records)
Olöf Arnalds(feat. Björk) - Surrender (One little Indian Records Ltd)

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

After Michael Lanley from UK Jazz Radio we got our next Guest from the UK!! This week
joins us TOM DICICCO from Manchester. He just started the Label INNER SURFACE MUSIC with AnD and 002. He released already 12“ on „Baud“ and „Traut Muzik“ and some Releases and Remixes on STHLM LTD. Project Squared and of course ISM will follow soon. Watch out!!
This Mix brings some lovely Dub Techno Darkness as it´s finest...
And he put exclusive his upcoming Release on STHLM LTD. as last Track!!!
More Infos:

Here his personal message:

„I started getting into music at a younger age listening to my dads dub and reggae music and then I heard massive attack for the first time and they blew me away!
It was all about the deep moody cavern bass and huge reverbs, it really grabbed me when I heard it.. I starting as a DJ before I got into production, my dad's good friend Telboy taught me all when I started, legend!
I then did a music media course and started getting into music production more and more and it's progressing from there now. Last year I set up the label Inner Surface Music with my good friends AnD and 002 will be arriving very shortly!
Aswell as that I have some releases and remixes due on Sthlm Ltd, Project Squared, ISM and some others bits but more info on them soon
This mix is a bunch of older and newer records that I love.“

Big Up TOM and thank You!


Vril - V5 – (Giegling)
Sascha Rydell – SR3 (Fachwerk)
Kenny Larkin - Glob (Ben Klock Remix) – (Planet e)
Skudge - Eleven – (Skudge)
James Ruskin - The Outsider – (Blueprint)
Head High - It's A Love Thing - Piano Invasion Mix – (H2 Recordings)
Shifted - Reach – (Syndrome Z)
Jolka - Five – (Sect)
Mokira - Time Track (Silent Servant Remix) (Kontra Musik)
Mike Dehnert - Framework – (Delsin)
Shifted - Track 2 – (Avian)
Tom Dicicco - Night Erosion –(Forthcoming Sthlm Ltd)

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Souldiction 50

Laid Back Compilation Special

Cris Prolific feat. Soul-T - You=Life (Laid Back Compilation)
Bongholio Iglesias - Here I Come (Laid Back Compilation)
72 Soul - Supposed To Feel (Laid Back Compilation)
Dr Kwest & JoBee - Don `t You (Laid Back Compilation)

Aki Bergen feat. Farisha Music - Alright (Plastic City)
Matthias Stobo - Tonsberg (BBE)
Robag Wruhme - Tulpa Ovi (Pampa Records)
6th Borough Project - Find A Way (Delucious Of Grandeur)
Hunee - Leaf for hand In Hand (Ostgut Ton)
Boddhi Sativa feat. Athenai & C.Robert Walker) - Who I Am (c2 Version MIx) (Unknown)
Richy Pitch feat.Yasmeen - Dey Suffer (Richy Pitch Remix)
Africa Hitech - Gangslap (Warp)
Slakah The Beatchild - More Than (Beatchildmusic)

Freitag, 29. April 2011

Souldiction 49

J Rocc - Take me away (Stones Throw)
Jazzo&Melodiesinfonie - Leaf Area Index (Feelin´Music)
Daniel Drumz - Temporary Space Nawer (CD-R)
Mark E - Deny This (Spectral Sound)
Steffi feat. Virginia - Yours (Ostgut Ton)
Koreless - Up & Down (CD-R)
Guts - Cause we understand (Guts Rmx) (Still Muzik/Pura Vida)
Ufmo - Another life (CD-R)
Phon.o - Slavemode (50Weapons)
Rhythm of Elements - Guitar Suite (Alton Miller Rmx)(R2 Records)
Twit One - Latima - (Melting Pot Music)
Twit One - melikeyou (Melting Pot Music)
The Sixth Letter - Glass (Acousitc Version)(Rocstar Recordings)
Mount Kimbie - Baves Chords (Hotflush)

Montag, 18. April 2011

MAYBEIGOTSOUL - "This is for a Beauty"

This week our Guestmix comes from MAYBEIGOTSOUL.
MAYBEIGOTSOUL is a project by Soundtrax who also did a guestmix for Souldiction (SD 3) and W-I-E, better known as the other half of Souldiction. In 2005 they decided to make a mix serie which they called "This is for a beauty". The mixes are all about Neo Soul music.
Once Soundtrax said with a smile on his face, that he wanted to do a mix for his lady and see her smile......

By listening to this mix we hope you are also gonna smile

One Love

Freitag, 8. April 2011


SCB - Loss (Aus Music)
Seventy Fox - Jack Dixon (Sepalcure Rmx)(Cd-R)
Falty DL - Voyager (Planet Mu)
2562 - Intermission (When it Doubt)
Christopher Rau - How are you Today (Pampa Records)
Citymouth - Holodecker (Dropping Gems)
Daedelus - Suit yourself (Ninja Tune)
Philly Z - Lyla (Kick Off Beats)
Burial - Street Halo (Hyperdub)
Sigha - Fold (Hotflush)
Opolopo feat. Sacha Williamson - Take it slow (Tokyo Dawn)

Donnerstag, 31. März 2011


DJ Day Special

DJ Day - Four Hills (Remix)(MeltingPotMusic)
Erykah Badu - Honey (DJ Day Remix)(White Label)
DJ Day & Miles Bonny - Learnin To Fly (Unreleased)
Nas - It Still Ain `t Hard To Tell (DJ Day Remix)(MIlk Crate Records)

Knxwledge - Pain (CD-R)
Slakah The Beatchild - It Starts with the Base (CD-R)
Trademark The Skydiver & Young Roddy - Nothing Lesser (Mixtape)
Kankick - Kanstrumentill (Pooh Bah Rec)
Rick Wilhite - Analog Aquarium (Still Music)
Manuel Tur - Most Of This Moment (Isolee Mix) (Freerange)
Atjazz - For Real (Atjazz Remix) (Atjazz Record Company)
Amalia - Psychanalyze (Tokyo Dawn)
Mr. Dibiase - Lumberjack (Alpha Pup)

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

This week it´s all about Beats, Rhymes and Life, Kurt Diggler joined us with his Guestmix for SD45.
Kurt Diggler is on The Loopside Of Life. He fell in love with beats and raps about 18 years ago. Kickin’ freestyles with his friends was what it had been all about back in the days. 12 years ago he started doing his radio show “BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE” on a local station in Schaffhausen. Since a few years it’s all about the beats and digging in the crates. “BEAT TAPE VOL. 1” is ready to be downloaded since January 2011(wich we really love).
Check also his Blog Beats, Life and Rhymes.


Playlist of Kurt Diggler’s Souldiction Mix

Rob Swift – The Ghetto - Tableturns
Quetzal – Quiet Night feat. Dyé - Stillmuzik
Hulk Hodn – Autumn – Melting Pot Music
EKR – Fühl Mal Min Schmärz (Kurt Diggler’s Soulmzk Remix) – CD-R /
Jay Dee – Featuring Phat Kat - BBE
Pablo – Story Of Sampling – Red Hook Recordings
Epstein – Esperanza - Arepaz
Kurt Diggler – Nyota Uhura – CD-R
GUTS – Cause We Understand – Pura Vida
Kankick – Rock, Shockin’ It – Up Above Records
Huss Und Hodn – Ich Schiesse – Entourage Business
Fleur Earth – Monster – Melting Pot Music
Bottom Fly – Go Away – Jazzy Sport
Testiculo Y Uno – Unterschreiben – Augenringe Unter Dem Dritten Auge Records
Nas – One Love (Kurt Diggler’s Soulmzk Remix) – CD-R /
Q-Tip – Things U Do – Arista Records
Erykah Badu – Soldier – Universal Motown Records
Aloe Blacc – Green Lights – Stones Throw Records

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Download Link


Ntales Groove – Kampala Hustle (CD-R)
Mar – 1st Session (MeltingPotMusic) Release 25.03.2011
The Good Sin – Bad About You (CD-R)
Freddie Joachim – Quick (MellowOrange)
Shlohmo – Places (FoF Music)
Eric Lau – Bismillah (Kilawatt Music)
Duffstep – Your Touch (Session Victim Remix)(Join The Dots Records)
Nicholas – All I Got (No More Hits Rec.)
Lawrence – Just like Heaven(Smallville)
Pierre LX – Winter Light(Enola Remix)(Initial Cuts)
Kode9 – Time Patrol Dub (Hyperdub)
Terrece Martin feat. J. Black & Agape – With You (CD-R)

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011


Ghostpoet - Cash & Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)(Brownswood)
Cuthead - All Night Long (CD-R)
Mar - 2U4U (CD-R)
Vincent Phatanak - Clintsback (CD-R)
Chief - Scanner Resurrection (FeelinMusic)
Amalia - Stop Please (Tokyo Dawn)
MIles Bonny X TA-KU - Down To Earth Club Music (CD-R)
MIzz Beats - 2 Bit Road (Eglo)
DJ Mitsu The Beats - Track 2 (Jazzy Sport)
Furesshu - All I Want (Project:Squared)
Ben Westbeech - Falling (Deetron Remix) (Strictly Rhythm)
Vincenzo - The Clearing (Dessous)
Reggie B & Saadiq - Lady Of The Night (CD-R)
Dam-Funk - Stayin`Supa Fly (CD-R)

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

We welcome our next Guest and a good Friend of us Blunted Monkz a.k.a. Dany Sugaman. He lives in the german Motorcity Stuttgart and is an incredible Vinylcollector and Digger as you will hear in his Mix. He released for Labels like Faces Records and Soul Imago, his last Release came out couple weeks ago on Faces, the very strong "Blunted Monkz" EP (FacesDIGI003) with the stunning Remix of Chump "Can show you the way" which we played in Souldiction 35.
He collaborated with people like Fleur, Chucknubian, Mista Pen(craziest Rapper he knows), Tha Connection, Gajah(Project Blowed), Vicky Flint, Philta, Roman Rauch, Jon Wayne, DJ Cat and more...
He told us that more future projects are coming soon, so we really looking forward and you better watch out :)
More Infos:

"Goin´n´comin" Mix by Blunted Monkz for Souldiction42 by souldiction

Blunted Monkz - goin ` n `comin` Tracklist:

Eberhard weber - no motion picture - (ECM Records)
Declaime - sept.12th 2002(Kankick interlude) - (b9000 records)
Hermeto Pascoal - little cry for him(Chorinho Pra Ele) - (Warner Bros Records)
Ad Bourke - light echoes - (Citinite records)
Imagination - one more love - (Red bus Music)
Ill Dubio - so blue - (Faces records)
Samiyam - July - Poo-(Bah records)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Island cry - (Atlantic records)
Dimlite - Sun sized Twinkles - (NowAgain records)
Leon Thomas - Balance of life(Peace of mind) - (Soul brother records)
James Pants - Kash(instrumental) - (Stones throw records)
S.S.T - soft soul transition - (Les disques Superfriends)
Rednose Distrikt feat.Pipslab - herfst sonate - (Kindred Spirits)
Lonnie Youngblood - sweet sweet tootie(Instrumental) - (white)
Insight - motivated - (landspeed records)
The Headhunters - mugic - (Arista)
Jackson Conti - Upa neguinho - (Kinded spirits)
Gagle - blah blah (instrumental) - (Jazzy sport)
Cortex - La bulle - (Tradevibe)
Donald Byrd - gotcha comin n goin - (Arista)

Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

pic by Project Carpe Diem & Same

Download Link


Common – Come Close (MaybeIGotSoul Valentine`s Remix) (CD-R)
Furlan Williams – When Autumn Leaves Fall (Rush Hour)
Cleast Intwood – Homeless (CD-R)
Dimlite – Gone – O – Tron (Now Again Records)
Long Arm – The Waterfall Inside Me (Project Mooncircle)
1000 Names – Pocket Calculator (Lynx&Hellrazor Remix) (Black Acre)
Buddy Sativa – Peace Of Art (Favorite)
Motor City Drum Ensemble feat. Stee Downes – There `s A Truth (MCDE)
Crazy Penis – Omega Man (Yam Who? Edit) (Paper Recordings)
Dorian Concept – Toe Games Make her Giggle (Ninja Tune)
Eric Lau – Star Trekking (Kilowatt Music)
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – My Cloud (XL) Release 21.02.2011
Jacque Polynice – Obama O`s (Mike Slott Remix) (CD-R)

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Souldiction 40

Quetzal exclusive Sneak Preview „ Drums Come From Africa“ Album Special
Release 18.02.2011

Al Quetz – Drums Come From Africa (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – 4 Turn Off The TV (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – Cops Oppression And Capitalism Propaganda (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – Stolen Land (Still Muzik)

D`Angelo – Left & Right(Tobrock Remix) (CD-R)
Deep Space Orchestra – Last Exit (ART)
Martyn & Mike Slot – All Night (All City Dublin)
Groove Man Spot – Take Back (Jazzy Sport)
Sepalcure – Fleur (Hotflush Recordings)
Isolee – Celeste (PAMPA Records)
James Blake – Wilhelm Scream (Polydor)
Madlib – New York (Madlib Invasionz)
Buddy Sativa – Robots (Adlib Remix) (CD-R)
Ghostpoet – One Two/Run Run (Brownswood Recordings)
74 Miles Away – August City Blues (Melting Pot Music) Release 04.03.2011

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

We welcome our next Guest, HEDDA.
Hailing from Rheinland Pfalz, Hedda's foray into riding the grooves began with a huge adventure on the trans-mongolian express, which landed her all the way over in Seattle.
High on the post-grunge aesthetic, she decided to set foot in Berlin. While pursuing design studies at UDK Berlin, she has honed her skills behind the decks, playing with the likes of Daypak & Padberg, Karaoke to Stardom, and Marcel Knopf.
She continues her endless pursuit of the sweet spot between deep house and bouncing techno.

For Booking etc please check odd fantastic booking agency!

More from Hedda

Thank you Hedda!


Actress - hubble (Honest Jon's Records)
Studio 1 - Profan
ripperton - Farra (green records)
anton zap - pastilla (quintessentials)
smallpeople & Rau - Measdows (Smallville)
Gregorythme - (R)evolution (Cityfox ltd)
ripperton - at peace (green records)
The selph - Hopes (Claque Musique)
Cobblestone Jazz - Chance Dub (Wagonrepair)
Nacho Marco - Estefania (Plastic City)
Ribn - This feeling (mildpitch)