Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

This time we welcome the man, who was responsible for one of THE Albums of 2010 (in our Opinion) in our Souldiction Guestmix series.

This time we welcome the man responsible for (in our opinion) one "THE ALBUM´s" of 2010 to our Souldiction Guestmix series.
HUBERT DAVIZ joined us with a lovely laid back mixtape filled with pure soul. Hubert Daviz is a hiphop beatmaker/producer who lives in Cologne/Germany. His Album „Proceduri di rutina“ was released last year on our beloved „Melting Pot Music Label“ and was a 500 Vinyl limited release (so if u got yours, you can be very happy). The album is based solely on Rumanian Jazz Samples. Hubert is Rumanian and hereby showing some love to his roots with this simply amazing album. Also his beats are featured on several samplers like „Puzzles“(„Augenringe unterm Dritten Auge Rec“.; 2010) and the just couple weeks ago released „Beat Power“ compilation (this also on „Augenringe unterm Dritten Auge Rec“)..
New 2 LP "Irgendwas mit Medien" will come out on the 14.10.2011 with Hulk Hodn via "Entbs" Records..
Check his blog keinbetreff.tumblr.
and more Infos here

BIG Thank you to you Hubert Daviz!!!

mike grant presents cool peopl - sharevari
moO - spacetravelin’
vikter duplaix - make a baby
steve spacek - thursdays
dwight trible – otherworldly
lsk - hate or love
erykah badu - telephone
jneiro jarel - won’t let you go (no,no,no) feat afra behn
jamiroquai – morning glory
dj cam – he’s gone starring china
j rawls – liquid intro

souldiction 63 by Hubert Daviz

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