Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Souldiction 64


Esbe - Change of Heart (CD-R)
Jill Scott feat. Anthony Hamilton - So In Love (Blues Babe Records)
Long Arm (Feat. Tevani) - Letters from the Space Fet (Long Arm RMX) (Project MOoncircle Release 30.09.11)
Thundercat - For Love(I Come my Friend) (Brainfeeder)
Jonti - Hornest nest (Stones Throw Records)
Pavel Dovgal - Guinea (Project Mooncircle)
Marcus Meinhardt - Chain of Memories (Voltage Musique Records)
Untold - Bones(Joe Rmx) (SSSSS Rec.)
Soulphiction - Full Swing (Philpot Records)
DJ Wild - Born to be black (Adult Only)
Braille - BreakUp (Hotflush)
Onra - Change of Heart (forthcoming All City Dublin)
Mecca:83 - Love Story (CD-R)

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