Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Souldiction 40

Quetzal exclusive Sneak Preview „ Drums Come From Africa“ Album Special
Release 18.02.2011

Al Quetz – Drums Come From Africa (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – 4 Turn Off The TV (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – Cops Oppression And Capitalism Propaganda (Still Muzik)
Al Quetz – Stolen Land (Still Muzik)

D`Angelo – Left & Right(Tobrock Remix) (CD-R)
Deep Space Orchestra – Last Exit (ART)
Martyn & Mike Slot – All Night (All City Dublin)
Groove Man Spot – Take Back (Jazzy Sport)
Sepalcure – Fleur (Hotflush Recordings)
Isolee – Celeste (PAMPA Records)
James Blake – Wilhelm Scream (Polydor)
Madlib – New York (Madlib Invasionz)
Buddy Sativa – Robots (Adlib Remix) (CD-R)
Ghostpoet – One Two/Run Run (Brownswood Recordings)
74 Miles Away – August City Blues (Melting Pot Music) Release 04.03.2011

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