Montag, 31. Januar 2011

We welcome our next Guest, HEDDA.
Hailing from Rheinland Pfalz, Hedda's foray into riding the grooves began with a huge adventure on the trans-mongolian express, which landed her all the way over in Seattle.
High on the post-grunge aesthetic, she decided to set foot in Berlin. While pursuing design studies at UDK Berlin, she has honed her skills behind the decks, playing with the likes of Daypak & Padberg, Karaoke to Stardom, and Marcel Knopf.
She continues her endless pursuit of the sweet spot between deep house and bouncing techno.

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More from Hedda

Thank you Hedda!


Actress - hubble (Honest Jon's Records)
Studio 1 - Profan
ripperton - Farra (green records)
anton zap - pastilla (quintessentials)
smallpeople & Rau - Measdows (Smallville)
Gregorythme - (R)evolution (Cityfox ltd)
ripperton - at peace (green records)
The selph - Hopes (Claque Musique)
Cobblestone Jazz - Chance Dub (Wagonrepair)
Nacho Marco - Estefania (Plastic City)
Ribn - This feeling (mildpitch)

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