Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

After Michael Lanley from UK Jazz Radio we got our next Guest from the UK!! This week
joins us TOM DICICCO from Manchester. He just started the Label INNER SURFACE MUSIC with AnD and 002. He released already 12“ on „Baud“ and „Traut Muzik“ and some Releases and Remixes on STHLM LTD. Project Squared and of course ISM will follow soon. Watch out!!
This Mix brings some lovely Dub Techno Darkness as it´s finest...
And he put exclusive his upcoming Release on STHLM LTD. as last Track!!!
More Infos:

Here his personal message:

„I started getting into music at a younger age listening to my dads dub and reggae music and then I heard massive attack for the first time and they blew me away!
It was all about the deep moody cavern bass and huge reverbs, it really grabbed me when I heard it.. I starting as a DJ before I got into production, my dad's good friend Telboy taught me all when I started, legend!
I then did a music media course and started getting into music production more and more and it's progressing from there now. Last year I set up the label Inner Surface Music with my good friends AnD and 002 will be arriving very shortly!
Aswell as that I have some releases and remixes due on Sthlm Ltd, Project Squared, ISM and some others bits but more info on them soon
This mix is a bunch of older and newer records that I love.“

Big Up TOM and thank You!


Vril - V5 – (Giegling)
Sascha Rydell – SR3 (Fachwerk)
Kenny Larkin - Glob (Ben Klock Remix) – (Planet e)
Skudge - Eleven – (Skudge)
James Ruskin - The Outsider – (Blueprint)
Head High - It's A Love Thing - Piano Invasion Mix – (H2 Recordings)
Shifted - Reach – (Syndrome Z)
Jolka - Five – (Sect)
Mokira - Time Track (Silent Servant Remix) (Kontra Musik)
Mike Dehnert - Framework – (Delsin)
Shifted - Track 2 – (Avian)
Tom Dicicco - Night Erosion –(Forthcoming Sthlm Ltd)

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