Montag, 28. Juni 2010

It is Time for another lovely Souldiction- Guestmix...
For the 12th episode Marlon Beatt (a young berlin based DJ) presents us with a Detroit-/ Deep House Mix and brings some Dancefloor Madness to the Souldiction Basement.
Just recently he brought out his first Guestmix for the lovely "Keep- it- Deep" Blog which is worth having a look at.
Also If u are in Berlin at the 01.07.2010 you can see and listen to him playing at the "Speaking in Code" Party at RITTER BUTZKE.

Check also the Links

Thank you Marlon

Download Link


Guestmix "Deep Keys Mix" by Marlon Beatt

Jt Donaldson - The Cry The Same
Melchior & Pronsato - Puerto Rican Girls
Sasch Dive - Deepest Amerika
Wax - B1 - 30003
John Roberts - Relate
James T Cotton - On Time ( Rick Wade´s Grimetime Remix)
Ethyl & Flori - Lenox Ave
Llorca - Lalo Caught Me Dancin´
Motor City Drum Ensamble - Raw Cuts 3
Chez-n-Trent The Choice (New Dub Mix)
Ethyl & Flori - Those Eyes
John Roberts - Hesitate

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