Montag, 19. Juli 2010

So, finally the summer has arrived and we are all chilling in the sun with having BBQs  and cold beers and talking 'bout the good old days..90ies hiphop, collecting and diggin vinyls, graffitti and urban arts..and one who is a big part of the urban art scene in Germany is ALEK3000..we came up with the idea for him to show us his record collection in the form of a guestmix..Alek3000 aka No Cuts is a Graffiti artist and member of the BABUSCH Crew in Stuttgart/Germany, where he also lives..He calls himself more a Collector than a DJ and you can hear that in his extra long Guestmix for Souldiction's 15th Episode.
He is playing Wednesday from 20:00h on at the "Homie Abend" at Bergamo/Transit in Stuttgart. Be there!

A big thank you for this great Summer Soundtrack!!

SOULDICTION 15 "it´s all about the vibe Mix" by Alek3000

Bobby Humphrey – Harlem River Drive (BlueNote)
J-Rawls – Bobby Seale Bound and Gagged (femalefun Records)
Fat Jon – Feel The Void (Mush Records)
Fat Jon – 14Years (Counterflow)
Fat Jon – Pretty Pussy Kitty Kat (Counterflow)
Digitale Planets feat. Guru – Borough Check (
People Under The Stairs – Acid Rain Drops (Puts Records)
The Roots – Good Music (Remidi Recordings)
Yesterdays New Quintet – Little Angel (Stones Throw)
Yesterdays New Quintet – Directions (Stones Throw)
Beat Conductor – The Come Up (Stones Throw)
Platinum Pied Pipers – Shot Gun (Ubiquity)
Platinum Pied Pipers – 50Ways To Leave Your Lover (Ubiquity)
Jneiro Janel – Lock Down (Kindred Spirits)
Shape Of Broad Minds – Butterfly Away (LEX)
Freestyle Fellowship – Fragrance (Project Blowed)
Kanye West – Say You Will (Roc-A-Fella)

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