Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

The story behind the cover:
We are playing on the 11.02.2012 at the Soul Revival Party in Berlin with Marlon Beatt (SD12) and SESSION VICTIM!!!


Latecomer - Cosmic Cart (Faces/Mcde)
Sonnymonn - Magicians(MndsgnalsalmonfromIpaneaMix)
Elliot Lipp - i wanted 2 be a Rock n Roll Star (CD-R)
Mike Gao - Run before you wake (Project Mooncircle)
Virtual Boy - Let it go (Alpha Pup)
Bilal - Free (TallBlackGuyRemix) (CD-R)
Amzbeat&Mike Rüsche - Power Juno (Isendit)
Radiohead . Feral (K2 Redit) (CD-R)
Guti&Fosky - Step (Crosstown Rebels)
FCL - Back(Instrumental) (We Play House)
C2C - Night drive (On and On)
Cedaa - Patagonia (Fade to Mind)
The Drum - Night Driving (Audraglint)

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