Freitag, 20. April 2012


Sweatson Klank - Always you (CD-R)
Def Sound - Truly Bright (CD-R)
Frank Ocean - White (Melo X Gentrification Mix) (CD-R)
Dela - Mars Part III (Drink Water Music)
Soulelance - Manana (First Word Records)
Suff Daddy feat. Vertual Vertigo - Twisted (Melting Pot Music)
Dizzy Gilespie - Matrix (Best of Perception Record Sampler on BBE)
Mar - Her Past (Free Download from his "Seeing her naked" EP)
Session Victim - Cow Palace (Delusions of Grandeur)
Maya Jane Cole - Not Listening (DJ Kicks Exclusive K7!)
Daniel Klauser - Simply Swag (Chaos in the CBD Remix) (CD-R)
Addison Groove - A night to Remember (50 Weapons)
Classic Track of the Week
Adam F - Circles (EMI Rec.)

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