Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

We had the plaesure to play with this guy at our last monthly Rimshot Party (a regular Party with live Jazz Band that we are doing together with our friends from JAW Family Berlin, WeBoogie, Fried Tofu, Chez Jacki, Soul Revival Berlin) and so of course we invited FRONT2BLAQ to join our Guestmix Serie.
Front2Blaq is from Dessau (Germany) and is part of the WeBoogie Family in Berlin, Resistand Minds from Leipzig and SoulBasta Crew in his hometown Dessau. He just started his new Radio Show called "Random Radio Blow". He played at the beloved BeatGeeks at Monarch in Berlin a few times and at the WeBoogie Parties!
He loves the bass as u can hear in this beautiful Mix he did for us..

For more Music and Mixes:

Big Up and Thank you Mate!!!


Trey Hemingway - Soul Mate
Pudge - Shroombog
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Venus Malone - table for two
Krystale - Caught Up (Remix)
Benny Tones - On My Way (Nightpanther Remix)
Suff Daddy - Loving You
Darryl Reeves - Paradise
Owusu And Hannibal - Blue Jay
Kirkis - Disvavvy
Jamiroquai - Too young to Die (Mood Refix)
Vindahl - Head Over Heels feat. Coco (Ishfaq Remix)
Grooveman Spot (a.k.a. DJ Kou-G) - Love is in the Way feat. Yoshika
Donell Jones - You Know What's Up (JBird Remix)
Envee feat. Natu - Love Theories (Night Marks Electric Trio remix)
Busy - Quaqoon
Clara Hill - flawless pt2 (ft joe dukie)

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