Montag, 10. August 2015

This time souldiction features Siggatunez aka Siggi Tunezia, a Dj and producer from Berlin who runs the small vinyl imprint Tieffrequent. He moved from Frankfurt to Berlin in 2012 and shortly after that he started his label in march 2013.
The idea behind that was to create a platform for people he knows and to give an opportunity for related producers to put out their music.

Siggis interest in music is not bounded by any specific genre or style. On his imprint he focuses a little more on the electronic spectrum (especially deephouse music) but he also is in love with Funk & Soul as well as the good old Golden Age Hip Hip music. He also is open minded to any new music as long as it´s good...

He likes vinyl this is why he uses it when´s just a personal and subjective thing. He started producing in 2002 when he still lived at his parents place in Görlitz/East Germanywith. He used a shitty computer and a cheap sequencer programm. Luckily his father had a record collection full of that good old Motown stuff so there was a good opportunity to sample good music. He started doing beats together with his younger brother. He got in contact with the electronic music scene when he moved to Frankfurt in 2005 and met his buddy Le Rubrique. There he also started buying Vinyl and practicing the art of Djing step by step.
The mix for Souldiction starts with some really smooth and deep house records full of samples and harmonies which might bring you in a cosy mood. After some switches it becomes a little faster but still calmed enough to sit and listen whenever and wherever you are.


1.Baaz-Way Out (Citti Reiling & Astrup RMX)-Office
2.Luvless-Down With You Baby-Tsuba Ltd.
3.Harvey Sutherland-Bamboo-Voyage
4.Le Rubrique feat. BfAM-Stoya-Tieffrequent
5.Rising Sun-In My Heart Of Hearts-Fauxpas Musik
6.Johannes Albert-To Da Bonee-Frank Music
7.Francis Inferno Orchestra-Ellinford Road-Voyeurythm
8.Siggatunez-Trumpet From Nowhere-Laubenpiepers Finest
9.Monosoul-June-Smile For A While
10.Jan Ketel-Wrong Number-OR'S
11.Philipp Triebel & Boyton-Confessions-Downtown Romeo Records
12.Le Rubrique-The Art Of Loving (Ugly Drums RMX)-Tieffrequent
13.The Phantom-Punkt-Transatlantyk
14.Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein-Funkplace One-Laubenpiepers Finest

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