Montag, 16. Juli 2012


Soul7 Special
(taken from the "Soul7" 7x7" Vinyl Box Set on NowAgain Rec.)

Ernie& The Top Notes - Dap Walk (Fordom Recordings)
Soul Vibrations - The Dump (Vibrant Recordings)
Booker T. Averheart - Maxi Midi (Soultex Records)
The Soul Seven - Mr. Chicken (Soultex Records)

Ugly Drums - Get Up (Faces)
Akua Naru - Tales of (WO)men (Jakarta)
Paper Tiger - Priceless (Wah Wah 45´s)
Jayson Brothers - North/ Pulask (MCDE)
Leon Chase - Do without you (CD-R)
J Dilla feat. Amp Fiddler - Let´s play together (Yancey Media Group)
Portable Sunsets feat. Christopher Wade - Sunshield (DX/ Dub)
Funkommunity - The Light (Melting Pot Music)
SoulParlor - Now!(Souled remix) (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Classic Track of the Week:
4Hero - Hold it down (Mercury Rec.)

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