Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

After playing at his weekly "What´s the Dealiyo" night in Stuttgart we invited him to join us with a Guestmix. And here it is, Robin "T" Treier´s Souldiction Guestmix.
ROBIN "T" TREIER: is a Stuttgart-based DJ, producer, painter, illustrator and graphics designer and part of the OH HI! crew and was regular DJ at legendary Stuttgart electronic music venue ROCKER 33 (now it´s reopnend agin in a new location), aside of hundreds of other DJ gigs all across the major cities of Germany and Switzerland.
He has his own weekly Partynight "What´s the Dealiyo" at the venue "Transit/Bergamo" in Stuttgart.

His work with brush and pencils has been published in several magazines, books and publications, has been exhibited in Stuttgart, Cologne, Amsterdam, Heilbronn and he worked for companies just as CONVERSE, VOLCOM, AVEAL, BRIGHT Tradeshow and many others.

Currently he's working on his next, soon-to-be-released house EP, besides others projects - kinda restless as he is.


Cocolores - "Vox"
Stereotyp - "Take The Weight"
Omar - "Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz Remix)"
Ron Trent feat. Robert Owens - "Deep Down (Mr Fingers Remix)"
George Fitzgerald - "Child"
Ten City - "Fantasy (Masters At Work Remix)"
Dayne S - "Rolling Stone"
Crowdpleaser - "Skeleton 1 + Vox"
Kate Simko ft. Jem Cooke - "Go On Then"
Rampa & Re.You ft. Meggy - "Yeah Yeah Yeah"
Robosonic - "Worst Love"
Ornette - "Crazy (Noze Remix)"
Pillowtalk - "Long Lost Friends"
Prommer & Barck ft. Lois Longerling- "Lovin"

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